Falls Wines
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The Vineyard

The Vineyard

Falls Wines was established in the year 2000 to produce and market wine from grapes grown at the Falls Vineyard, Canowindra which is situated in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales approximately 20 kilometres north east of Cowra and 4 hours drive west from Sydney. Historic Canowindra is a pristine example of a town bearing the hallmarks of wealth supported by both gold mining and wool production in previous centuries with its heritage-listed main street. The region is favoured by a general abundance of water provided by the Lachlan and Belubula Rivers and boasts rich soils which gave rise to the cultivation of many crops such as lucerne and canola and a variety of vegetables. More recent times have seen the establishment of a number of vineyards.

The Falls vineyard nestles in a valley on the outskirts of the township with gently undulating slopes from the top of which Mt Canobolas at Orange is clearly visible to the north. It is one of the most picturesque properties in the region and is an ideal environment for producing premium fruit, evidenced by the wine it produces – the proprietary brand “Falls Wines” – being available at many fine dining establishments and boutique wine shops in Sydney and surrounding districts.

The Canowindra region was also where the infamous bushranger Ben Hall and his gang often roamed looking for rich pickings from the goldfields and stagecoaches. He was notable for holding the township hostage, barricading it from the police while courting favour with the residents by providing free beer from the local pubs.

The Vineyard

The initial plantings occurred in 1997 and today there are approximately 100 hectares under vine involving a full range of Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. The first harvest was picked in 2000 from which the first vintage for Falls Wines was produced and released in late 2001. Subsequent years have seen limited releases of various vintages of different varieties including some blends.

In addition to the proprietary Falls Wines range, we have recently released a lower cost range of wines, Chardonnay and Shiraz, to cater for high volume retail outlets. These wines are labelled Blue Jacket and Red Jacket respectively.

Falls Wines can be ordered online or by phone or fax, see Contact Us. They are also available from some selected outlets in Sydney and regional areas.

Over the years, the wines have received widespread acclaim and a number of awards which are listed with the specific variety, see our Accolades

The Essential Ingredients

The Falls Vineyard lies in the Belubula Basin at an altitude of 350 metres. Here, high altitude air cools the basin to a perfect 15-28°C range, allowing longer grape development which produces superior flavours and aromas

Rainfall & Drainage
Consistent winter rainfall nurtures the grapes. Good drainage maximises catchment with excess water running into a large dam. In summer, low humidity raises sugar levels while reducing vine disease.

Soil & Water
The volcanic soil has a high, balanced mineral content (similar to South Australia’s Coonawarra soil). An abundant supply of high-mineral, low-salinity water is provided by the Belubula River and an underground aquifer.

Technology and Tradition
Falls Vineyard blends the latest viticulture technology with old-world wisdom. State of the art computer controlled irrigation is able to isolate any particular row of vines to ensure they are receiving adequate water. While roses (the same family as grape vines) are planted at the end of vine rows to provide early warning of pests and disease so nutrients and water can be modified to protect the vines